Friday, February 24, 2012

Grammy Winner Is…Chipotle’s New Cause Campaign Wins the Whole Enchilada

This touching video is the first big move from Chipotle’s Cultivate Foundation. When it was showcased during the Grammy Awards, it drove mega Twitter traffic, and was unofficially proclaimed the star of the show.

The trend it reveals in cause-marketing is a deepening commitment to long term community building around issues that impact the sponsor’s business. It reveals a very strategic use of integrated media and an emphasis on what consumers and a brand can achieve together.

I like Chipotle food. I’ve always respected the quality of their pork production. I want to help them succeed, but I need to know they’re in this with me. Not in a superficial way because they sponsor a one-shot gig with a logo slap.

Have a look at this inspired little vid and get a glimpse at the future of QSR cause marketing when it’s cooked to perfection.

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Nancy Goldstein said...

Great post Patricia! What is so great about Chipotle's marketing campaign is that it is more that just a marketing campaign. This is work they do. Every day. Through every aspect of their business. This is where so many Cause Marketing campaigns fail - they are just a marketing campaign that happens to do some good. Chipotle is doing good - and marketing it. Kudos to Chipotle for doing it so well.