Monday, October 24, 2011

Occupy Wall Street Raises a Militia

It’s fascinating to watch Occupy Wall Street explode into a full-fledged movement. The latest is the rise of a well-trained volunteer militia. In this case, it’s retired Marines.

If you haven’t seen this video yet, it’s circulating rapid-fire around the world. It’s an ex-Marine dressing down NYPD for its aggressive handling of protestors. It helped launch the militia, which is organizing via Twitter using the hash tag #OccupyMarines.

The militia even has a required uniform:
“An OccupyMARINES shirt or sweatshirt with military service affiliation and Occupy Wall Street logo
; Dickies EMT black cargo pants; 
Ranger Joe's Corcoran Boots-I XC Jump Black Aviator Boots; 
and blouse bands - Elastic bands used by military members to fold the hem of their pants up and drape over the top of their boots.”
Uniforms are a visual signal that the movement is turning a corner. They express a desire to be seen, as well as heard, as an organized and intense movement that can protect its activities on a daily basis. This creates a sense of safety for members of the movement. Once its safe, a broader swath of citizens will feel free to join the fray.

When a movement can raise a standing militia, things escalate. I continue to gather lessons into how Occupy Wall Street is seeding its message and going viral.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine on facebook posted the youtube video of the Occupy Phoenix rally where local militia showed up, armed to the teeth, to demonstrate solidarity with the Occupy protestors. The spokesperson, JT, said that they were demonstrating and exercising their 2nd amendment rights to support the first amendment rights of the gathering.

Anonymous said...

I was curious about this new development, so I did some searches. What I discovered is that there are militia groups out there who are strongly anti-fascist and anti-racist. However, these groups seem to believe that the Occupy Movement is a socialist movement. Correcting this misconception will likely create a sympathetic militia movement that is in solidarity with the nonviolent Occupy Movement.

Anonymous said...

Defining capitalism.
There are too many people grabbing the spotlight and denouncing "capitalism." They don't argue for socialism, but they leave a void after rejecting capitalism.
We need to distinguish between capitalism, which is just a set of economic principles, from corporate aristocracy, which is an unconstitutional and illegal abuse of corporate authority. We do not need a corporate aristocracy in order to have capitalism.
For example, is the market a "free market" if it is controlled by a cartel? Anti-capitalist practices are being touted as capitalist! By whom? Self-proclaimed corporate aristocrats. How do they do that? By assuming anti-republican and anti-democratic governing practices in institutions that are chartered by the states.
According to Article IV of the constitution, states are prohibited from chartering such governing structures, and the federal government is responsible for guaranteeing that they don't. Neither does the law allow anti-republican governing structures. The Model Act, a federal law, and the Delware Law, a legal compact by the states, mandate republican checks and balances inside corporations. The entirety of the corporate aristocracy's power rests upon judicial precedents, and those judicial precedents rest upon bribery, racketeering and illegal abuses of authority.
We can have exchange of goods and services in a market. We can have capitalization of industry through securities. We can use money to standardize exchange. We can have economy of scale, free market competition, and exchange of labor for money. NONE of those require an aristocracy to control them.