Thursday, July 7, 2011

Clever Marketing: When a Brand Name Hits the Spot

Photo by SRCrawford
This weekend, I was house hunting in Chicago’s bustling Andersonville neighborhood. Hot and sticky from pounding the pavement and bummed out a bit after looking at condos with closets the size of gym lockers, I needed a break.

I nipped into a little cafĂ© and ordered a Mrs. Howell’s lemonade. Coconut syrup, lemonade and, if you’re not driving, vodka. (I was on bike, so I went for the virgin concoction). It’s now my new favorite. Love the sweet/sour alchemy.

Absolutely delicious. I sat outside and watched the parade of characters that make up this colorful community.

So, why did I order the drink in the first place? The name drew me. It was marketed cleverly. I’m a sucker for a clever name. Most consumers are. Many find amusement in a t.v. reference that reaches way back. The name hits the spot.

So, here’s to summer. And being clever marketers. And to Mrs. Howell, III.


Anonymous said...

Which cafe? Sounds perfectly summery.

Patricia Martin said...

Kopi Cafe