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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time Is What You Make It

I promise to get back to the serious business of blogging by mid-week. For now, I want to share this photo of my son (middle) and his BFFs. I snapped it immediately following the graduation ceremony.

I learned a big lesson out in Vermont as I waded through the knots of happy parents and jubilant graduates. It’s this: time is what you make it.

Therefore, I need to do a better job of honoring time. Seriously, 4 years has vanished in a twinkling. My kid is now out of college. How did that happen?

I hope you won’t mind if I use this blog to help me keep my resolution. It means sharing the good with the bad and the occasional personal post.

Starting with this...


Karen Hanrahan said...

i am happy to be part of and to encourage your time honoring resolution...I will also remind you that this is what we strived for as mom's - it's really their time now. Off they go.

I so adore this image - awesome capture! Love how an image says so many things!

Patricia Martin said...

Thanks, Karen. You are so right. It's what we all worked for. Off they go!

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