Monday, May 23, 2011

Hidden Marketing Assets: Out-of-Office Email

When I teach workshops on Sponsorship Marketing, I harp on the power of the “hidden asset.” I’m referring to those gem-like branding opportunities that can make an ordinary list of rights and benefits pop. That’s why the Out-of-Office email campaign from Saatchi & Saatchi caught my attention.

When their art director went on paternity leave, the folks at Saatchi & Saatchi decided to get creative with the out-of-office message and sell it to a production company.

It worked!

After all, what better way for a company to reach their target audience than by appearing directly in their inbox without even trying?

In fact, the experiment was so successful, an entire Out-of-Office Email Service is in beta.

It got me thinking….what if there is room to communicate differently with our email messages? Sometimes, I prepare my standard out-of-office email and yearn to bust loose with something truly radical:
“In her latest crime novel, Patricia goes back to rural Ireland where a younger, breathless version of herself goes missing. Five days later she turns up older and wiser, but no less breathless.”
Amidst the deafening roar of social media, email has become somewhat intimate. Does getting creative with it constitute “surprise and delight” or is it brand suicide?


Karen Hanrahan said...

I would so love to be part of this beta ....seriously!! I am intrigued! I personally think if you left that "creative" out of the office email it would delight

Patricia Martin said...

Okay, this is comment function on Google lost my response to you, Karen. Sorry about that.

You are on! Can you share your next cool "out of office" marketing message and we'll post it. Perhpas others will do the same.

Karen Hanrahan said...

Something ritualistic about a friday night exhale, the deserved pause of a week gone by and the brilliance of the first long weekend of summer. By choice I am indulging in a long over due unplug. Disconnecting electronically until Tuesday. Perhaps you care to join me in disappearing and share later what transcends! Until we reconnect again.

not sure how much of a marketing message this is ...
except perhaps to be on purpose sometimes about unplugging!

Sandra Fernandez said...

A great idea. I used to do something similar with my out of office voicemail message.

Patricia Martin said...

Karen you are a born writer! Enjoy the an out-of-the-office kinda way.

Patricia Martin said...

Hey, Sandra--did you take the plunge and put out an edgier message for your out-of-office email? Curious. Thanks for dropping by.