Thursday, March 18, 2010

Why We Love Dogs--Customer Journey Research

Meet Killi. She’s a German Shorthaired Pointer who is gracing our lives while her human family takes a holiday. Her owner brought her by this weekend for a meet-and-greet. It was love at first sight.

Sadly, my own dog passed away last year. We miss her terribly. A brutal travel schedule and indifferent teen-aged kids make my home inhospitable for pets, so I’ve been dogless ever since. But for the sake of my research for the pet supply category, I’m playing host to Killi for two weeks to reacquaint myself with the rituals and purchase decisions of life with a dog. Read more about the experiment here.


Anonymous said...

What an adorable face! (Yours is cute too, Pat. But I was talking about the pup.)
I have two labs - each 80+ lbs - and they are my greatest source of unconditional love. Every human in my life tends to have strings attached to their love. Not Ranger and Tucker. Tho Ranger is upset if it's been too long since he's eaten. And Tucker would rather go for a walk with you then sit around the house. But if you give them an ear rub they can be yours forever.
Thanks for your story.

Patricia Martin said...

Thanks for the comment, Sheila. I know exactly what you mean about your dogs being the exception to love with strings--and when you think about it, a long walk, a meal and an ear rub are small prices to pay for it!