Monday, October 12, 2009

Creative Leadership in Houston

I'm in Houston today. I'll be kicking off a rare collaboration between an arts council, business association and a major university. We'll be assessing a number of aspects of the creative activity in Houston to measure their economic impact. That's nothing new. But the approach is.

The collaborative process between business, the arts and education itself is unusual. I'm witnessing what it's like when creatives take the lead.

John Maeda, president of the RISD, is thinking out loud these days about Creative Leadership. Maeda's theories on the differences between the way creatives lead versus other styles is stunningly apt.


Barry E. Winders said...


This post inspired me. I've had many of these same ideas (John Maeda's) in my head for a while. This is happening in the spiritual renaissance. What do you think?

I'm inspired to write a blog about creative leadership myself.


mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

This intrigues me...looking forward to hearing more

Patricia Martin said...

Thanks Karen.

Patricia Martin said...

Thanks, Barry. You are such a pioneer.