Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kindle Love: Cuddling Up with My Device

I'm not an early adopter. Every time I'm the first to the parade, I buy the device with all the kinks and I frustrate myself into knots trying to download patches and fixes for them. (Don't get me started on the Asus turd of a mini-laptop I bought!)

So, I hung back from the Kindle. Besides, I believe in books like some people believe in God. But a trusted colleague of mine, George Needham, had one and raved. Like me, he's a book lover.

This year, a beloved friend surprised me with a second generation Kindle for my birthday. It was a lavishly over-the-top gift that knocked my socks off. But would I like using it?

It's been three weeks and I adore it. I'm zipping through a novel, and downloading voraciously. I'm considering whether taking it to the beach this weekend will threaten it with sand? And I'm tempted to join a Kindle book club. Do those exist? Hope so.


Frank Roman (FRoman@FrankRomanPartners.com) said...

Thanks for the potential endorsement. I've not even walked up to the fence yet - let alone be sitting on it. I do see the fence over there though - nice white picket one in the middle of a field - but I digress...

My initial thoughts are that I'm such a "note taker" - aka, underliner, margin note writer, finished-reading-and-review-my-scriblings type of person and am concerned that I'll lose this great knowledge absorption vehicle if I move to a Kindle.

Know that's not the purpose of your Blog, yet being a fellow Rengener I figured I'd ask.

Love your Blog BTW. Best. Frank

Patricia Martin said...

The Kindle device has functions to highlight and make notation. It also captures the quote and cites it. I haven't thrown away my 3 x 5 cards yet But am hoping to master the functions on my Kindle and be on my way! BTW-Sony launched a new e-reader yesterday.
Thanks for the nice feedback.

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

interesting you should write about this, i was just introduced to the kindle

AND I am intrigued

belated joyous birthday greetings my friend, i now recall yours is the very same day as our michelle

we celebrated with frosted nutty brownies and hours in the park nearby , it was my first gathering here