Monday, May 4, 2009

Sponsorship Re-boot

I'm in Detroit today giving a Sponsorship Boot camp. It's one of my most popular workshops. Lays down the basics and arms people with tools and tips. But times are tough in marketing and advertising--and hence sponsorship.

So I've rebooted the boot camp content. More trends, more about where to spot opportunity, and much more about how to stay focused when everyone else is freaking out. Let's face it. The people who make things happen in any economy maintain an outlook that inspires hope. No optimism, no sale. It will be interesting to see how these messages are received in a city that is the emblem of changed times. Start your engines.


asimon said...

I attended the GEL conference on Friday in NYC. You should too. But it had an unspoken theme that came through each speaker--about "next" about fulfilling the promise, about hope. I like your blog and am going to refer the non-profit that i am on the board of to take a good read. Thanks

Patricia Martin said...

Hey, thanks. So glad you dug the Re-boot Camp.