Thursday, May 28, 2009

Did I Really Ask That Snobby Question?

My son was thrilled, he told me. When his work appeared in his college's literary magazine he felt made. I read the two pieces that were chosen with some motherly pride. Then I got to the author credit and found this:

About the Author
Emmet Penney ’11 grew up just outside Chicago. He reads, writes, records, studies Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and watches UFC with his little sister. One time, his mom asked his first grade teacher how good his prose was.

Jeez! Did I really ask that? To a 1st grade teacher? What a striving lunatic snob he had for a mother, for God's sake. Well, he did get published, right?


mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

ALL moms are striving lunatic snobs...some are better at it then others!!

The thing is once they got into school there was a lot of things we missed out on. Teachers had more of our kids then we did

I liked your question. I would have asked the same thing

Patricia Martin said...

Glad we're on the same page, Karen. Thanks for your comment.