Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Microsoft Word Doesn't Know Who Obama Is

I got up early to blog about the inauguration. I scrapped three posts. What to say? In the process, I discovered that the spell check function on Microsoft Word doesn't have "Obama" in its lexicon. Instead, it offers "Osama" as a possible correction. It's not unlike the stories we've heard about the Clinton staff removing "W" from all keyboards before handing over the keys to the Bush administration. Someone should let the folks at Microsoft's Washington Office know that Word sorely needs an update.


Amy Dean said...

Fantastic find!

Patricia Martin said...

No kidding!

Anonymous said...

This is a long-known issue, more indicative of Microsoft's antique method of updating the dictionary than anything else. If you download the update mentioned in the NY Times blog linked here, Word will consider Obama to be a correctly spelled word.


And why hasn't MS automated Office updates?

Patricia Martin said...

Good question. Thanks for the tip!