Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Spending the Day at the Library

Today, I am honored to be presenting a talk and a workshop on building a RenGen brand for the Chicago Public Library. It is part of my role as the 2008 Charlotte Kim Scholar of the Year. I look forward to it! As I've written in the blog before, I am an unabashed lover of libraries. So to spend the day with the people who make them tick, librarians, talking about the RenGen...bliss!

While I'm away, I thought you might enjoy this blog post by Cheryl Janis of Planet PinknGreen. She is a popular blogger and green advocate. Enjoy! 


Houston Raj said...

I too, love libraries. The main branch of the New York Public library is my favorite.

Patricia Martin said...

That's great! Libraries are wonderful. Glad we're on the same page.

MMH said...

What a terrific opportunity. One of my daughters is a librarian and she can spot a library on a road trip better than anyone I know. Enjoy your time in Chicago.