Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Singapore Companies Sponsor More Art and Culture

In Singapore, food-related companies have replaced banks as the country's top arts sponsors. According the the National Arts Council in Singapore, arts groups have been turning to non-traditional supporters of the arts. Food companies such as curry puff chain Old Chang Kee, retail organizations and hotels are connecting with cultural consumers to enhance the brand experience and appeal to the 'sensualist' side of these consumers. Arts sponsorship in Singapore hit a new high last year, reaching a total of $37.4 million from 291 sponsors, up from $33.5 million from 265 contributors in 2006.


Ben Heyhoe Flint, Ogilvy said...

We at OgilvyAction Sports & Entertainment have noticed similar trends

Since a peak spend of USD26m (SGD37,7m) in 2005 across Singapore's Arts and Entertainment platforms (ie 'non-Sports' related), we noticed a decline in 2006 to USD21 (SGD30,5m) but we are predicting a rally to USD24,6m (SGD35.7m) by the end of 2008.

Foodstuffs as a sponsor category has indeed increased - from 28th to 17th between 2005 and 2007 - but the collective spend of all Foodstuffs companies (USD1,25m/SGD1,8m) lags well behind Consumer Electronics which has advanced steadily to the #1 spot since 2005 with a spend of USD8,3m (SGD12m) in 2007

Ben Heyhoe Flint
GM, OgilvyAction Sports & Entertainment

Data source: IVCast, Asia's only sponsorship database owned and operated by Podium Asia

Patricia Martin said...

Wow, interesting-Thanks for sharing.