Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Future is Now

I wear glasses, but metaphorically I'm no longer far-sighted. I used to think I had a gift for seeing into the future. But having just completed the RenGen on the Road tour, my audiences taught me that much of what I was forecasting is already being lived. New York, Boston and Providence were tour dates that occurred amidst the unraveling of the financial markets. Audiences looked shell shocked, pensive, and also deeply in need of some reassuring. "Yes, Virginia...there is a renaissance."

Seth Godin blogged today about the power of future perfect. That is, when marketers make projections that seem be very nearly here it motivates people. I suppose I could feel smug about my predictions coming true so swiftly, but instead I just feel a sense of wonderment. And I feel ever more connected to my fellow man/woman.

We are all in this now. The spiral has momentum. My To-Do list for this interlude between death and rebirth reads like this:
1. Keep your knees soft.
2. Show a little compassion.
3. Experiment.

Simple enough.

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Mother Earth said...

I would not have taken all of
"this" in stride had I not had your wisdom and insight noodling around in my subconscious mind. This place of inbetween and a sense of hope and perfect don't really seem so untouchable to me