Tuesday, September 30, 2008

RenGen on the Road heads to Providence and Boston

Today I'll be speaking in Providence, an official RenGen city. I'll be joined by panelists Jenny Mello, Senior Research Manager at Performance Research Group; Don Keinz, Founder, Acadia Consulting Group, and Gail Alofsin, Director of Corporate Partnerships at the Newport Yachting Center
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On Tuesday morning I'll be in Boston, one of America's richest cultural capitals. Lesley Bielby, EVP and Chief Strategy Officer at Hill Holliday; Jason Schupbach, State of Massachusetts Creative Economy Director; and Dan Salera, Sponsorship Consultant at Salera Consulting will join me as panelists.
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Cam Sawzin said...

Dear Patricia,
I am the executive director of the Boston Virtuosi, an innovative chamber orchestra based in Boston's Fort Point Channel. We are in the process of designing a multi-media concert series in collaboration with the talented visual artists in our community.

The overarching goal is to create a Fort Point “branded” concert series, only available in this growing creative arts district. The multimedia visual arts component in these concerts, along with the crossover between classical, non-classical and music with an ethnic identity will create a destination event unlike anything available in Back Bay, for instance. We believe this to be a valuable opportunity to create needed healthy evening activity in the district, contributing to the upward spiral of retail and restaurant development. The many financial district commuters might be enticed to stay a while after work and contribute to the local South Boston economy.
I will attend your event and am seeking advice on how to work with the numerous new stakeholders in the district, which is rapidly evolving into a high-end mixed use community. With the recent financial pressures, arts organizations have to be even more creative. For example, we are looking at events designed to help real estate professionals market new office and residential projects in the area. We look forward to gathering ideas for marketing strategies for this project.

Patricia Martin said...

Great, Cam. Looking forward to meeting you in Boston!

Anonymous said...

Dear Patricia,
I had the opportunity to attend the Metlife Foundation Forum in Providence Tuesday evening. I really enjoyed your presentation.

As a long time supporter of the Arts & Business Council and past winner of the BVA Volunteer of the year award, I see where you message is greatly needed.

BRANDING is the way to monetarize the human capital and philanthropic wealth that volunteer associations, especially non-profit arts organizations, have accumulated.

Once they learn how to value their BRAND, they will learn how they can use the power of their brand to take control of their destiny.

Keep up the good work!

Barry Bainton