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Thursday, September 25, 2008

McDonald's SEO Strategy? Or Something Else?

Yesterday, green blogger Karen Hanrahan posted her photo of a perfectly preserved vintage 1996 McDonald's hamburger online. She has kept it in a plastic container all these years and done nothing to it. It looks like she bought it yesterday. Over 300 people logged on to argue the case on behalf of the burger giant. " Unpatriotic, idiotic!" they called her.

Ordinarily, Karen's blog attracts about a dozen comments. She is a good writer and has an established network of fellow bloggers so traffic is steady. She's also one of our Culture Scouts. But this outpouring says something else. Either there are over 300 passionate fans of the fast food chain who can navigate their way around the blogsphere, or her unretouched photo taken in her kitchen triggered a hail storm of "hired guns" paid to fry her for her heresy.

Search Engine Optimization 2.0?


Mother Earth said...

The traffic pull from this post
actually blew out my Blog's bandwith! For a very brief hour the entire post disappeared.


It never occurred to me that my burger pic would create such a stir or traffic, nor was I aware of so many pro-burger fans!

Strategic? If I had a monetized blog maybe? I wonder how much that would have brought in ?

Patricia Martin said...

My question is more about McDonald's SEO strategy. Because your blog is not monetized, I think it's fair to assume you weren't looking to "pull" numbers to satisfy an advertiser. Your message is authentic--"Hey, I have kept a McDonald's hamburger in a container since 1996 and it looks pretty much like I bought it today!" So I only pose the question--are there heavy fans of those burgers who posted comments condemning you? Or were hired guns paid to post comments to protect the McD brand? Just askin'

Mother Earth said...

Thank you for saying that my message was authentic.

Hard to say about hired could one tell? The zeal was pretty clear - they love their burger! I experienced the commentary like they were a fan club or something!

I think it's an excellant question.

Keith said...

The blog being posted to the other day could possibly have something to do with the steady stream of self-righteousness. Once you take into account the knee-jerk reactions of that crowd against science gone bad, I think an explanation like mcdonalds swooping in to protect their good name on the green blogosphere is bit over-the-top.

Or many people recognize silliness when they see it.

Mother Earth said...

I agree Keith, the silliness speaks for itself. After it hit AOL, the crowd continued it's silliness. Who knew.

Mary Hickman said...

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