Monday, August 25, 2008

Cause Marketing and Collaboration

A recent study shows corporate communications officers want to do more cause-related marketing. But they're confused about the business of the business.

Poll respondents are split over their reasons for wanting to increase cause-related marketing. Some 40% say it would improve employee engagement, while 50% say it would enhance PR and corporate image; 7% hope to grow sales and 4% want to attract new employees.

If a paltry 7% believe cause-related marketing might grow sales, there is no clear business case for the tactic. Ironically, CRM is directly tied to transactions. Or it should be. What this points up is the need for communications departments and marketing departments to collaborate with regard to cause-marketing programs. After all, reputation, recruitment of talent, and appeal to the consumer are all becoming the same thing.


Mother Earth said...

I am all for cause marketing, as long as the cause is real and not postured for marketing sake

Anonymous said...

All good points! And to be relevant Cause Marketing must drive sales. Check out my blog on the topic at


Patricia Martin said...

Mother Earth-
That's the trick with cause-marketing. It has been a little mismanaged to leave consumers unclear about who "wins" in the transaction. Quality programs deliver a lot for the cause. But when standing in the grocery aisle comparing products, one that supports a cause and one that does not, it's hard to be sure if the former is substantial (Paul Newman's products) or superficial (lots of pink ribbons).

Patricia Martin said...