Monday, July 14, 2008

Obama Eyes a NASCAR Deal

Sports Illustrated's website posted a blurb about the Obama campaign considering a NASCAR deal. Obama has built his brand on earnest smarts. So it makes you wonder how his brand finds value in a NASCAR deal.
Consider the downside:
1. Gigantic carbon footprint. NASCAR vehicles get on average 5 MPG. Average race is 500 miles. That's a lot of fuel to drive in circles.

2. Brand confusion. Obama's advisors may think this reaches out to a working class constituency, but it's also a heavily Republican segment. The driver Obama is considering, Ken Schrader, leans right...far right. In fact Schrader and his wife are Bush supporters, having made donations of $1,000 and up in the last election.

3. Not Made in America. Schrader drives a Toyota. Although Toyota has had operations and created jobs in America for two decades, still, the rank-and-file in auto unions see it as a foreign brand, as do many Americans.

Okay, so help me out here. What does Obama get out of this deal but a lot of confusion and potential heart burn? Couldn't he get something more American, more wholesome from sponsoring Major League Baseball?

What's his upside?

Well, I guess he gets to look like every other guy who gets snookered by NASCAR. Paying too much for too little and buying into the smoke-and-mirrors demographics that simply don't exist. Yep, Obama can finally shed his arrogant veneer and appear as unimaginitive as everyother NASCAR sponsor.


Mother Earth said...

"that's lot of fuel to drive in circles"

absolutely classic

Anonymous said...

Spot on, Patty. NASCAR is fading fast--witness the smaller crowds for almost any televised race, and auto insiders are convinced that one or all of the Detroit 3 are going to drastically cut back or even eliminate their involvement. So you'll end up with a bunch of pseudo-Camrys racing each other...not much fun there.

So what IS in it for Obama?? My guess is that he has someone who believed what they heard in business school 10 years ago giving him some very bad advice.

Who ever did think it was worth the $$ for the privilege of putting a 2 inch decal on a vehicle that was COVERED in ads?

Patricia Martin said...

It's good to hear that Detroit is waking up to the NASCAR charade. Thanks for the comment.