Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May Day -- Choose Your Vibe

It goes way back. May Day has pagan roots. It marks a shift in weather, attitude and outlook. It has always meant a day of self-expression. That holds true whether your are protesting or partying. So consider it "Choose your vibe day."

Decide if you want to be out there demanding change (anti-war protests, labor marches, gatherings with a message, all qualify) Or it could mean dancing, performing, or promenading in the public square. Be colorful, be a little outrageous, and be out there. Today, it's allowed. Consider it your sacred duty. Break your routine. Buy lunch for the loser guy. Wear a funny hat. Give out May Day hugs. Cut out for a long lunch and go do the May Pole thing if your town has one.

May Day is a blank check that allows you to do something quirky and fun and just a tiny bit dangerous. The main thing is that it comes from your heart. Because the ancient cultures believed that May 1 marks a day when a portal opens in the universe. Let me translate: all beings, even the forces you cannot see, are a little more open minded. Make sure your vibes are all about some greater expression of yourself and it should beget a whole season of the same--positive change, fun and frolic, peace and love.

For me, I have a sick child today. I write this while she sleeps. Even though she's a teenager, she needs my attention. She fainted last night. Flat out on the floor. Despite what we'll learn at the doctor's office, I intend to remain optimistic. Lest she be sick all season, see. The great thing about kids is that it's usually nothing serious and they do get better. Still, I cut some flowers from the garden this morning, and placed them before my much neglected Blessed Mother statue in our hallway. I prayed. (May 1 is also a religious holiday for some folks with rituals involving flowers, prayers and virgins all aimed at boosting one's fertility mojo.)

I will save my reveries for tomorrow when I brave the crowds at Looptopia, Chicago's all night party in the Loop.

Happy May Day!
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Top to bottom--TiffanyJBT, Chicago Loop, Hippolito, Danny,
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Anonymous said...

what a wonder message,
thanks patty,
yer pal,
big carl

Mother Earth said...

I can't explain the feeling as a mom when a child gets sick, it's like pause, a bit like holding your breathe, listen and be reassurring to them and to you -- when they were little and sick I would worry - am I being everything they need and everything my mom wasn't when I needed her??

Thinking of all of you and sending get better sooooon vibes

We had a may day celebration during school, I forgot about that

Patricia Martin said...

I was thinking of you when I included the photo of the protestors. Did you rally the workers in Madison, WI today?

Patricia Martin said...

Mother Earth-
You are so right. As busy as we get and as independent they become, it's still a big deal when kids fall ill. Hope you had a great May Day. Tomorrow you will be at SOB Con, yes? Fill us in when you return and give my best to Liz Strauss.

T said...

Pat-I haven't heard a more complete, current and meaningful description of May Day in--well, maybe ever! Tonight we frolicked, laughed and even danced a May Pole in our back garden with friends, 2 from Australia, one from South Africa, and the rest of us from various corners of the US. It is refreshing to embrace a day that comes to us from some place outside of our structured lives...interesting that the origins are further back than anyone knows and yet so few know anything about what it "means." Imagine me "explaining" the symbolism of the May Pole being put into the earth. We all "get it"...why is this a tricky thing to talk about? It was a beautiful night in Charlotte, NC. The grass is greener than it has been for over year, friends are dearer than ever, the wine is sweet and sacred and together--whether spoken or not--we move into a new season.