Monday, February 4, 2008

Yes We Can

As I watch the candidates march toward Super Tuesday, I have remained stalwart in my critique of Obama's poor use of the web, (his website reads like law professor's blah-de-dah). That changed as of this morning. A few minutes ago a friend from Tampa emailed me this video link. This is a very RenGen push. What we have here is a group of Americans, mostly artists, mostly Gen Y's with a few Boomers sprinkled in, who share the conviction that small personal acts--like singing on a video or voting--can make a difference. And its being facilitated by the Internet. A few simple clicks and it's everywhere. I want to confess something to you. I watched it and wept. Right here at my desk. I had no idea that eight years of an empirical Administration could create such an emotional force within me. I wonder just how many Americans feel this way? Exhausted by the energy required to carry this burden of cynicism, afterall we are a profoundly optimistic nation that has been forced to play a role against our type, are we all waiting to be re-energized by three simple words: yes we can...?


George said...
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George said...

Maybe it should be, "Yes, We MUST." This is the first viral video since the Obama girl, but it is so much more meaningful. You weren't the only one who cried in watching this!

Patricia Martin said...

I must admit, it felt good to let it out.

Julie said...

Thank you for posting this on your blog. I received it in a viral email as well from my niece, who punctuated it with a comment that it reminded her of Dr. Martin Luther King and how she wishes she had been alive to see him.
Watching this made my heart swell, whether or not I vote for Obama or Clinton. After watching the video, I feel hope, I feel connection and I believe in "Yes we can" as a nation of Americans, and as a world of human beings.
Julie Daley...yes, it's me!

Patricia Martin said...

Great to hear from you. Did you see the Napa posts? Tomorrow I have to vote and as of this moment I remain conflicted. I guess I'll sleep on it.