Friday, February 13, 2009

Kiss and Tell

In honor of Valentine's Day, I am re-posting the virtual Kissing Booth from last year. This was a huge hit. People loved reading the entries. I know this because they emailed me their favorites! I said, "Post a comment!" But people loved peering in anonymously. It's probably the same thrill we get when seeing young lovers kiss in public. Anyway, I hope you do something today with someone you love. (Click into the comments to read the entries.) Do you remember the kiss that rocked your world? Sent a tingle down your spine? Made you weak at the knees?

Just as we have DNA or fingerprints, everyone has an unforgettable kiss.

If I gave you a million dollars to write a film script about your life, what would be the kissing scene? Maybe for you, the kiss that haunts you was that clumsy, anxious moment when you swung and missed. Or it’s the farewell kiss that ended a chapter in your life.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we hereby invite you to remember what it feels like to be loved by telling your story of THE kiss. We’re hosting a virtual Kiss-and-Tell Booth right here. From now until Feb. 14 you can submit your kiss-and-tell story. Our panel of judges (Liz, George, Karen, Tony, Julie) will vote on the top three smooches to receive a free copy of John Stark’s new book, “The Dictionary of Love.” Winners will be announced here.

Here’s how it works:

1. Click on “comment” down below and follow the prompts. (There are few just a few.) Experienced blog-heads you know what to do.
2. Write your story. Go on, pour your heart out, describe all the juicy bits, or keep it simple if you like.
-You can enter more than once.
-It’s okay to remain anonymous (in case the best kiss was not with the person who is now your spouse or something like that)
-We are privacy bulldogs. We’re not keeping, storing, re-distributing anyone’s privates.
-Winning entries will be posted here and we will announce the winners to the media, assuming that people might enjoy a little old school recognition.

Etiquette: This is about love, alright. Write something that puts a smile on your face, nothing sleazy or unkind.

photos courtesy of Optimus Prime

Fine print: Why are we doing this? Because we hope it’s fun. We’ve all had our fill of grim economic forecasts, sub-prime dirges, and political punditry. We’ve decided to change the subject for one week in the space we can control--this blog! We hope everyone enjoys a vicarious thrill and a few people walk away with a prize.


Amy said...

I had a platonic friendship with one of high school's hottest guys, Kenneth George. He was a star soccer player who looked great in his shorts. Every girl in high school wanted him. Rumors were flying around the halls that we were an item, but he and I knew better. It was New Year's eve when he decided to get everyone back. The party was packed. Teens tangled together in a smoke filled family room waiting with baited breath for the clock to strike midnight. Eyes dart around the room as people try to identify their kissing partner. Right as the party took a collective inhale before the smooching fest began, Kenneth pulled me on top of the coffee table in the center of the mayhem and said, "This is for everyone who thinks Amy and I are an item," and he laid one on me. The room was so stunned that everyone forgot they were on a kissing mission. For 10 seconds, we were what everyone wanted us to be and I'll never forget it.

Poet said...

I had a fling in graduate school. He was not a student or faculty member, but a cattle rancher who was my housemate's brother. A man's man--he knew what he wanted and often got it. But I was absorbed in my studies and not looking for romance, so I deflected his advances. Undaunted, he flirted with me for weeks before I succumbed. And when I did, I fell hard.

I was researching one day in the reading room of a private library that had heavy security. About twenty other people were there, as well, quietly reading. Suddenly, I heard loud footsteps stomping up the oak stair case leading to the reading room. Then I heard muttering coming from the guard's booth. Voice grew louder.
That's when I realized it was him. His sister had told him where to find me.

He appeared around the corner, hopped over the security gate and starting walking toward me. The guard sputtered protests while calling for reinforcements.

He just kept walking, looking me directly in the eyes. He took a seat at the desk next to me. "Will you come out to the farm this weekend?"

I said no, too much studying. He asked again, a little more plaintively. Still no. Then he reached over, grabbed the legs of the chair I was sitting on and pulled me toward him. Our faces were a breath apart. He continued the conversation, not touching me, just very very close. "Please be with me. This is the last time I'm asking." Sorry, I said weakly.

He had painted himself into a corner. He promised not to ask again. He looked away and i thought he would leave. Then he took my face in his hands and kissed me. For however long that kiss lasted, it was as if an entire conversation had been had, ending with my agreeing to go with him.

He helpd me gather my books and belongings and as I looked up I realized that everyone had set down their work to watch the kiss. My face flamed. We strode past the guards who had held themselves at bay, as well,to watch the kiss. We flew down the staircase and into the street.

Margaret said...

I was feeling extremely weak in the knees. It isn’t that I had gone unkissed in my forties, but it had been a long time since the wool of someone’s suit jacket against my arm and the smell of male cologne had induced any effect in me at all. His voice and the shape of his mouth, and the color of his eyes… Finally, I thought. Finally I didn’t make this up. I said faintly, “I guess it all worked out. I mean, things are moving pretty fast and it hasn’t been easy leaving Chicago and starting a new life here in DC.”

Taking the Metroliner to New York meant we had decided to take the next step and planned a whole weekend together. I stared into his blue eyes and waited. John hooked his finger under my chin and brought me closer. His face was warm and he tasted lusciously, deliciously of rum. “Margie,” he murmured between kisses.

gjs said...

My partner, Tony, and I met on a cold January evening. We were set up on a blind date by my sister, Susan, and his best friend, Chauna. It was a great first date; good conversation, good food - the spark was there - but the night ended with a handshake and a hug. For me, that simple handshake and hug were full of excitement and possibility - something I had never really felt with another man. The possibility of potential. The possibility of something wonderful, fun and exciting. The possibility that Tony could be "the one."
Our second date, almost a week later, ended after more conversation at my apartment. I walked Tony out to his car, parked on the curb, directly under the streetlights. We were standing in the middle of the road, under that yellow glow, when this great possibility created the perfect kiss. We leaned into each other, barely touching bodies, for a soft, romantic, beautiful kiss. It was a sweet and very public moment - the fact that it was not hidden, that the world witnessed it, made it all the more powerful. And in this one, brief kiss all of my hopes and desires were manifested - and my life was made.
I love you TJMT!

Neifer said...

My high school sweetheart and I used to double-date with my best friend and her boyfriend. They worked together at a restaurant in town, and were always working late on Saturday nights. We would always head into town and hang out until they got off work, then all get into her boyfriend's car (at the time he was the only one of us with a car) and head out to wherever. One night we got to the restaurant a little early and got the car keys so we could sit in the car and wait for them. WE turned on the radio and sat in the back seat chatting. Phil Collins' song 'In the Air Tonight' came on the radio and he dragged me out of the car, rolled down the car window so we could hear the song, and slow-danced with me to it. It was so romantic! Just as we started to kiss, they came out and off we went. But the romantic mood lasted all evening, and when we dropped him off it was pouring rain. He dragged me out of the car to 'walk him to the door' and instead pulled us behind the house so he could kiss me senseless in the pouring rain. I could still hear the song in my head as we kissed in the downpour. I never hear that song now without remembering that night, and how much in love we were.

Neifer said...

I started reading smut romance novels at the age of 14, so my idea of romance was a lot more mature than most girls my age. So I was very picky about who I was going to let kiss me for the first time. I wanted it to be memorable and special. By the age of 16, I had gone out with a number of boys, but I had never let any of them kiss me, until Brian. I had a major crush on him for months, but he had been dating a friend of mine. When they broke up, it was a mutual decision that they were both no longer interested in each other. And, in fact, she mentioned to him that I had a crush on him (she was always so observant). He came up to me one day when we were all hanging out at the Teen Center and asked if he could call me to go out sometime. I was so excited! He called me a few days later and we decided to meet and plan a date to go out. My best friend walked with me down to the Teen Center so he and I could plan our date. She waited a few feet away for our privacy, and he and I planned a date for a party the following night. As I turned to leave, he pulled me into his arms, dipped me down and kissed me -- quite thoroughly! I felt like I was in my very own romance novel! He literally took my breath away! Standing me back up (and leaving me dazed) he said he'd see me the following night, and left me with my friend (whose jaw was now on the ground, since she knew all about my 'perfect first kiss' plans). I am sure the dumbstruck look on my face matched hers, but she finally recovered enough to ask me: "Was it what you had been hoping for?" I answered with a huge smile on my face "Even better!" Although our relationship didn't last long, I will always remember him for that first kiss. And because of him and that kiss (which was only a mere shadow of his kissing ability by the way, I don't think I have met anyone better at it in the many years since) I have never once regretted waiting so long to be kissed. Sweet 16 and never been kissed -- damn right!

dancin barefoot said...

I'd like to tell you the story of my first kiss. I was 16 living in a small southern town and school was Out For Summer! It was the year of the car and cruising the mall. I just got my license, fell in love with make up and I had really good hair. Ah yes, it started out as feathering in ninth grade but by tenth grade it had mushroomed into a full blown Farrah. I was hot but not sure what to do with that.

Our little town finally got a McDonald's at the mall. Oh what fun we had screaming at friends and telling jokes, sitting on cars and drinking co-cola and the flirting was just the best. Here comes the cream Camaro, must be Chip or if you saw the red Stang coming over the hill it was Gary or Charlie or somebody cool. Well, Gary was a baseball champ at another high school and I was introduced to him by my older cousin. He was a senior and I was just a sophomore.
He had coarse dark blond hair naturally lightened by the sun, deep blue eyes and his skin was darkened from playing baseball. He was fine as we used to say.

One night I dropped a friend off at her house for the night. When I approached the stop sign Gary was ahead of me and alone too. It was dark and the road was surrounded by tall oaks, with the slight glow of a street lamp. Gary got out of his car, came over to my window which was down and to this day I do not remember what he said or what I said but his face drew closer to mine, I could smell a little beer and maybe a dash of Brut. He placed his hand behind my neck and his lips firmly on mine. I gotta tell you I didn't see it coming. I was shocked and ecstatic. And it was freakin' awesome with a side of awesome! My first kiss, I think "I Want You to Want Me" was playing. I then fairly levitated. For a week. Gary gave a good kiss.

just that said...

I was in love with my best friend, Tony, for four years. We'd met at a summer camp in Massachusetts in middle school and became close almost instantly. While we were emotionally close, though, we were, in fact, miles apart. He lived in Massachusetts, I lived in Maryland, and we hardly ever saw one another.

Despite the distance, we became very close. We'd talk, on average, about five hours a week on the phone. The long-distance bill was crazy, our parents were angry, life was great.

I don't think I admitted to myself that I was in love with him until we met in New York one summer to see a show and held hands the whole time. It was the first time I'd ever held hands with a boy.

Over the next couple years we almost kissed, flirted like mad, and refused to admit to anyone (ourselves included) that we were in love. We'd spend long nights on the phone talking about how silly it was that people thought we were crazy about one another, and couldn't friends be only friends but also like to cuddle and flirt? I always knew that I wanted to date Tony, but I'd never tell anyone.

In my junior year of high school, he invited me to join him in Vermont for New Years with a mutual friend of ours. It was a great trip, and the first time in my life that I felt like our relationship could be one of "just friends". Friendship felt perfect without anything else.

I felt that I'd had a revelation, and spent the two weeks in Vermont reveling in the fact that I could be happy being only his friend, and that I was happy.

For some time he and I had been kissing as a greeting. Just a simple peck on the lips as a hello -- we were long-distance best friends and always very excited to see one another, so a kiss felt like an appropriate marker for such an exciting reunion. During our time in Vermont, the three of us took to kissing just to express how happy we were to be there. If we wanted a kiss we would tap someone and they would give a kiss, either on the hand, cheek, or lips. We said that we were training one another. It was a sweet way of being together as friends.

On New Years' eve, we stood outside in the freezing cold, huddling together on a street corner as the fireworks went off signaling that it had become 2006. We all kissed as the first snow of the year fell.

When we got back at home, Tony crawled in bed with me for warmth and we lay in each others arms contentedly. I had turned away from him and was drifting off to sleep when I felt a soft tapping on my arm. I turned my head, not understanding, and he whispered in my ear, "I'm training you." I turned over to face him and gave him a kiss. A few moments later it was followed by another, and another, and another.

We didn't stop kissing all night, and in the morning, we decided to become a couple, long-distance.

When we're apart, I remember the moment between those kisses when I realized that kissing Tony felt as close to perfect as I think something can come. The kiss wasn't just a kiss, it was a culmination of years of friendship and longing and it was amazing.

margaret said...

My beau of 4 years was a novice kisser when I met him (although he had been married for 18 years and divorced for 2!) Our first kiss was, shall we say, less than memorable. I spent the first year of our courtship trying to coach him on the finer points of head tilting, what goes where and why...he just didn't get it. Then one day I explained that it should be like "making love with your mouth." That did the trick. We are eloping this Thanksgiving!

mother earth aka karen hanrahan said...

how delightful to see all these kissy moment comments!! I reposted my worst and best from last year, because of how fun this was...May the kiss be with you

Patricia Martin said...

Karen, I need to bop over to your blog to read about your kissing endeavors.

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