Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Giuliani's Myth Exposed--Death Spiral of a Brand

Giuliani lost in Florida. He was overcome by the grassrooots, not by political opponents. Watching the tape of parents whose children were firefighters in 9-11 broke my heart. They travelled from New York to Florida to be heard. Guardian's coverage of the "9-11 Myth" campaign is a gut punch to witness. By staking his claim in one state he made it an attraction. Giuliani drew the fire of 9-11 backlash. These folks appeared in town hall meetings and at fire houses to speak openly about many things including Giuliani's reluctance to equip firefighters with high-tech communication devices they requested after the first terrorist attack, and much more.

My question is this: how does a brand survive when its single point of difference is rendered from it like meat from the bone?


HonkyTonker said...

Unfortunately political brands, at least, are able to survive their own lies, manipulations, and other transgressions because they have a distorted camaraderie whose support is based on self-survival. Witness our current President whose meat has been stripped from the bone many times over and yet has served two terms supported by those who are unwilling to break ranks for fear of losing their positions. A more recent example is John McCain who, upon hearing of Giuliani's withdrawal from the primaries, called him, “an exceptional American leader." Forget about Giuliani's record. McCain wants the votes of his supporters plain and simple. And so it goes.

Patricia Martin said...

You beg the question then: is a politician a brand? Based on your insights, the answer is no, not really if they succeed despite flaws the would be deadly in the the regular consumer economy. Thanks for your thought comment.