Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Big Art the New Fashion

Trend spark: extremely theatrical fashion. Last week, the Goodman Theatre held its costume sale. Great turn out. Many theatre companies sell their costumes these days, usually in time for the Halloween season. But more and more, the sales are being sprinkled throughout the year as people seek the gargantuan fashions for parties, weddings and backdrops for YouTube videos. Flinty.

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T.Tallent said...

The Children's Theatre of Charlotte (the local theatre company in Charlotte with the biggest budget and biggest sizz in their shows) also sells off old costume pieces. It's effective in not only getting rid of orphaned costumes, it's an opportunity for the public to feel one more personal connection with the organization--and that's worth giving the costumes away for free! A deeper relationship AND a fab costume for 10 dollars...can you beat that?